Our primary focus is helping you maintain healthy and beautiful smiles!



Our practice can provide a wide variety of general dental services. Total dental health care begins with regular hygiene visits, regular checkups and continued preventive dental health care. Our top priority is to diagnose any existing dental problems and treat these conditions expeditiously. We aim to provide the highest quality services for restoring smiles that have been damaged by dental disease, injury and common oral problems. Our goal is helping to create and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, while providing optimum oral health care through advances in techniques and sophisticated technologies. General dental services include the following: (Click to read More)


Preventive Services


Regular dental cleanings and examinations are important in identifying dental disease and maintaining the health and beauty of your smile.

Oral Exam and X-ray


A dental examination involves an in depth oral analysis in order to detect any problems orally. The dentist checks for possible cavities as well as fillings that may require a replacement. A pigtail is used to check for calculus deposits, which is then followed by x-rays.


Dental x-rays allow for a diagnosis and treatment for any dental problems. X-rays assist the dentist and help the dentist visualize diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissue that may not be found in a general oral exam. Recommended dental cleanings include a dental exam and x-ray, which allows for early detection of any problems. This can potentially save you money and even discomfort and pain.


Benefits of an X-ray:


Aids in the use of tooth implants, dentures, braces, or any other dental procedure

Exposes bone loss possibly caused by gum disease

Shows areas of decay that cannot be detected in an oral exam

Detects an infection in the root of a tooth

Aids in the development of wisdom teeth

The condition of one’s teeth determines the frequency of dental exams an x-ray. It is also very important to let your dentist know if you are pregnant due to the radiation.


It’s highly recommended to get a dental exam and x-rays at least once a year to maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening is a procedure used to remove stains located on the surface of teeth.  Although teeth naturally discolor over time, smoking, food, coffee, tea, red wine, and poor oral hygiene act as accelerators that speed up the process.  Cosmetic Dentistry can  enhance the appearance of your smile.  The main purpose of this procedure is to improve the brightness level in  teeth and return it’s flawless shine back.

Porcelain Veneers


These restorations may be used to mask discolorations, cover chips and restore uniformity of teeth to create a beautiful smile.

Root Canals


A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a tooth that is badly decayed or becomes infected. During a root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

Crowns and Bridgework


Crowns or bridges are placed when your dentist feels that your tooth or teeth are damaged beyond the help of fillings. Crowns are used in circumstances where just one tooth needs to be replaced. Bridges are used when more than one tooth is missing or needs extensive work.

Invisible Braces


are the way to straighten your teeth without the discomfort and inconvenience of metal wires and brackets. Using a series of clear, removable aligners, you can handle crowding, gaps, overbites and underbites, and almost all other alignment problems.

Mercury-Free Fillings


Our office proudly uses composite fillings that will last longer and look more natural. Composite fillings are tooth-colored restorations that are bonded to your teeth and can strengthen the tooth by restoring most of its original shape.

Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures


Dentures are a prosthetic used to replace missing teeth. Rather than implants, dentures replace many missing teeth. One may get dentures that are removable or others that bond or clasp to the teeth. Partial and Complete dentures are available.


Partial dentures occur when the replacement teeth are attached to a gum-colored plastic base connected by metal to hold the denture in place in the mouth. Permanent partial dentures replace one or more teeth with crowns on either side with the artificial teeth filling the spaces. A removable partial denture is where there are attachments that clasp to the crowns. Filling these spaces can prevent the teeth from moving.


Complete dentures are full dentures when all the teeth are missing. Once the teeth have been removed and the gum has healed, the dentures are ready to be placed. With immediate dentures, the dentures are ready immediately after the removal of the teeth. The risk of using immediate dentures is the possibility of the gums and jaw changing form once the teeth are removed. Therefore, a readjustment may be necessary.

Children’s Dentistry


We know how very important your family is to you and our office is committed to providing excellent preventive dental care. We take special care in making certain we provide a positive dental experience for your child.